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After booking a vacation you can also use Stocked to plan your groceries for the allotted time of your stay. How ever many days you plan on staying we are here to serve you! Click the shopping cart to begin your list.

Shop local!

Local stores are amazing! With Stocked we will go the distance to deliver local groceries from any store in the area! Maybe you want a bottle of wine from a local winery or you want a nice steak from a local meat shop. Not to worry we will go out and grab them for you!

Less hassle, more vacation!

The average shopper spends 43 minutes shopping for groceries. That is not including the time to and back from the store. Vacation time is sacred, we want you to enjoy the most of it. Vacation more and shop less using Stocked! 

What we do, how we do it.

We will save you time and hassel by delievering groceries to your place of vacation and have it there upon arrival! Let us know the place and date of arrival and we will have the completed order delievered on time!

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 Don’t have a lot of space for coolers? Worried about ice? Let Stocked take care of that. Order from us and we will stock you with a cooler and ice with all your grocery necessities for camping!


 Let us do the heavy lifting! We will stock a cooler for your boating day/days of anything you would like and bring it right to your slip. Click below to begin your list!

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